My Pilates journey started when I was a teenager working the front desk at a Recreation Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They offered a number of classes, one of which was Mat Pilates. It was the first time I’d ever heard of Pilates and after taking a class I was instantly hooked. Since then, I spent more than 13 years in New York City working as a Producer but continuing my Pilates training as a student working with some of the most amazing instructors. When I moved to Columbus I was excited to see the same level of Pilates expertise amongst the instructors at Body Pure Pilates and decided to take the Mat and Systems training courses during my maternity leave. During this time I was able to earn my Mat Certification as well as my Systems 2 certification and gained a deeper understanding of the Pilates Method both as a student and instructor. And in addition, I lost 50 lbs of baby weight! As I work toward my Systems 3 certification, I look forward to learning more and sharing this knowledge with clients from all walks of life.