My entire life has been positively impacted by Pilates, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Unlike many instructors in the field, I do not come from a very active background. Influenced by my husband I began weight training in my late 20’s twice a week. I enjoyed feeling stronger and the camaraderie of the gym. On our trainer’s suggestion I tried a group Reformer session. After only one class, I knew I had found my path to “return to life”. Pilates is truly for everybody and every body and I want to help you find this incredible system of movement! Military moves every 2-3 years and the arrival of my daughter in 2015 has made getting certified difficult, but it means I have experience in many different schools and studios including classical and contemporary Pilates. I earned my Power Pilates certifications in Mat and Level 1 Apparatus at Body Pure in 2017 and intend on continuing my education and practice for the rest of my life.