My passion is to help people move better and move well throughout their lives. What we do and how we move today effects how we will be able to move in the future. Movement, sport and fitness have been an important aspect of my life since before I can remember. I was fortunate to have a mild internal rotation issue in one of my legs at birth. My physician recommended enrolling me in dance by the age of 2. Without that leg imperfection, my life may have been completely different. So I am thankful for my less than perfect leg, my physician, my parents and my dance teacher for the path of my journey.  While I loved ballet, Nadia Comaneci was my idol as a little girl.  Therefore, I talked my parents into gymnastic lessons too!  This paid off as I was a cheerleader in both Junior High and High School as well as joined in the off season weight lifting after school and ran track and cross country. I received by Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Health Education from The Ohio State University all while being an OSU Cheerleader and Buck-I-Robics group exercise instructor. Following college I pursued a career in fitness management while continuing to be personal trainer and teach group exercise. In 2010 I received my Associate Degree and license as a Physical Therapist Assistant. I  truly enjoy helping patients return to active lives from a variety of diagnoses. GYROTONIC® METHOD is the latest stop on my journey and is a wonderful compliment to all that has come before it. I am currently a certified GYROTONIC® Level 1 and jump board instructor.  I enjoy teaching this gentle, invigorating method that strengthens while also improving range of motion, stability and over all body awareness. I look forward to guiding my clients with enjoyable, beneficial movement to enhance the quality of their lives.