Movement has always been a part of my life. From 2nd grade to college, I was involved in baton twirling, dance, and cheerleading. After graduating from The University of Arizona, I turned to group fitness and have been teaching since 2001. I hold certifications from Mad Dogg Athletics for Spinning, AFAA for kickboxing, Zumba, and Les Mills for Body Pump. Realizing how important exercise and movement are, I went to The Ohio State Univerty to earn my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Through group fitness, I was intrigued by Pilates, how great it felt, and how much it complimented my other workouts. I have since earned certifcation from Polestar for Pilates for Rehabilitation, and from Power Pilates. I feel that Pilates is a great way to balance muscles and to prevent overuse injuries. I consider Pilates the "glue" that holds me together for all my daily activites and fitness adventures. My goal as an instructor is to empower you to feel great in your own body.