What our clients are saying

The instructors at Body Pure are well trained, professional and caring. I feel they all understand the theory and purpose of the techniques they teach and the individual needs of each person. Whether it is Pilates, GYROTONIC, TRX, or other private, semi private or group classes, the atmosphere is one of providing body changing exercise with the welcoming environment of helping each individual to achieve their potential and to feel they are valued by the instructors. Body Pure provides an atmosphere that encourages one to feel welcome and valued whether you are younger or trying to mature gracefully, whether your body has graceful strength and agility or is experiencing physical weakness, pain or you have little experience with body movement. I have been a client since Body Pure opened and have felt supported through times of illness, good health and body changes.
— Ellen D

Since starting Pilates with Frankie, I have better balance and posture for just about every other activity I do, and more strength in my yoga practice. As a yoga teacher, I appreciate the fact that every person has unique physical structure, and I always feel that Frankie and every teacher at Body Pure Pilates is fully present and attentive to my needs and interests. The excellent ongoing training and dedication that her team brings along with the small-group and private lesson format ensure that every session is well worth my time.
— Marianne O.

Where do I start? The studio is beautiful, and everyone is super upbeat, positive and welcoming. You almost forget that these are challenging classical Pilates workouts because you are having tons of fun. In only 10 visits I feel stronger than I have in decades! Thanks to Sandi for whipping me into shape and to all the great mat class instructors.
— Karolyn S.

Never thought I would like GYROTONIC, but have found it great for my back, has helped my core, and Mary is as patient an instructor with incredible passion and knowledge. I feel so fortunate to have found such an exceptional person at an amazing place help keep me free from pain and more flexible than I have been in years.
— Bob K.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My trainer, Hunny, helped me to prepare for my mastectomy surgery by focusing on thoracic expansion as she knew I would be struggling with range of motion afterwards. I did one year of chemo all the while taking two Pilate classes every week. Everyone was supportive, clients and staff alike, watching me gain weight, lose my hair, yet continuing to work out, and then watching me lose that weight and regaining my strength. They were always encouraging, and it was just the thing I needed to get me through a challenging time.
I still commit to taking two sessions a week at Body Pure Pilates. The positive atmosphere continues to be exactly what I need to have a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to Frankie, Mary and most of all, my wonderful life coach, Hunny. They saw me at my darkest moment and kept me focused on the life I would have after cancer. All is well in my life now and I am a forever fan of Pilates and this studio.
— Christine G.